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We’re here to help! You are not alone.

We know what it takes to keep your home with reduced payments, or navigate your way to a successful short sale.

Make a Successful Home Loan Modification

Why “refi” when you can Modify? The banks make big money when you refinance your home loan. But the government has given banks big money to modify those who qualify for no additional fees. Let us guide you to a lower house payment and help you keep your home.

Get a Short Sale Approval

It’s a bad feeling to owe more than your home is worth…we’ve been there, and we get it! If you are ready to move, our proven system leads to your short sale approval so you can move on and get a fresh start. Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not know how to actually get a bank to approve an offer that is less than the payoff. That’s where we can help.  Our services are usually FREE to our customers because the bank pays our fee!  Contact us today!

COMPARE THE COST: Loan Modification vs Refinancing

Why Choose Barrhill

Our specialists cover the entire U.S.  We can help you no matter where you live.

Hear directly from our clients how we can help you stay in your home or get your short sale approved, too

raft-icon“Wonderful feeling to know I can stay in my home. I got my home loan modification with your help. My payments and interest rates are both less. I am very thankful!”

Nancy Sasser
house-icon“Excellent job handling our situation.  He brought disciplines from the real estate, legal and banking industries together for a very painless hands-free experience.”

Chris Baker
bank-icon“Got SunTrust to stop foreclosure proceedings on our home and approve a short sale of the property. It was difficult to maneuver through SunTrust’s corporate environment and Mick did a great job.”
Terry Crockford

Note to Professional Real Estate Agents:

We value your referrals and have a lucrative referral program to offer. Contact us today to learn more!

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